Babe Ruth Band Biog - Janita Haan

Fascination for the singing voice is absorbing to me. Like breathing impossible to live without. Over the years it has been a delight to explore tonal variations, timing, colour, phrasing, emotion and modes catching my interest time and time again.

Babe Ruth gave me a wonderful learning curve. Working with outstanding musicians, masters of their instruments was an important step in discipline and approach to performing, which has been invaluable.

The Mexican from the First Base Album became the iconic tune of the hip hop movement along with James Brown at the Mancuso loft parties in NYC. Decades on this has been the tune for which break dancers across the globe have worked out their routines to the bpms of the tune. In 2002 saw the Babe Ruth Band being honoured at the World B-Boy Breakdancing Championships at Brixton Academy, bringing the band together for the first time in decades along with the original players. Que Pasa recording followed, financed by the band as a nod and a wink to this genre who had honoured Babe Ruth for so long.

After Babe Ruth I formed Jenny Haan’s Lion along with David Hewitt and toured Europe and the United Kingdom receiving great reviews. The last date was at Macroom festival with Rory Gallagher in Ireland. A spell as a solo artist with Emi and a commercial for BASF tapes with my tune ‘Forgotten Dreams’ which made commercial of the year. Back to College to study fashion design and later machine embroidery and getting married. Privately recorded an album during the first and second years of college in the summer vacation. Moving to Herefordshire I continued recording at Rockfield with David Morris and Paul Cobbold writing and then performing the tunes in Holland for Television and Radio.

Have enjoyed session work with Strider, Be-Bop Deluxe and the Waterboys.

Enjoyed running a specialist Classical Recording Shop in Church Street Hereford for ten years with my partner Madeleine, retiring when my daughter, Jemina started school. This is fascinating, to see the cogs of the music industry. Broadening knowledge of this complex and fascinating world that has captivated me for so long.

Becoming interested with Natural Perfume, in 1998 I became the first Natural Perfumer in the UK creating a perfume for the Hereford Cathedral “Perpetually Yours”. This was inspired by the rose of the same name and bred exclusively for the Cathedral by David Austin. A member of the Natural Perfumers Guild run by the extraordinary natural perfumer Anya Mcoy. Following on from the commission from Hereford Cathedral came an invitation by the respected aromatherapist writer Chrissie Wildwood to help write a book on soap. The book the Soapmaker published by Collins & Brown received acclaim for the non-use of lye on the kitchen table and attention to natural perfume and colour.

My daughter at fifteen contracted Hodgkinson lymphoma, which brought my world to its knees completely changing my perception of life. I quit the artistic world in exchange forcaring with the elderly. This has been a huge and humbling learning curve. My daughter is well and I am now turning back to the ongoing love of my life of singing. The emotional turmoil of these last few years will be used positively in my singing voice.

I look forward to seeing you soon and sing sing sing.... love u xxxxxxxxx


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