The Mexican

'The Mexican", written by Alan Shacklock, Originally Recorded by "Babe Ruth'", on their 'First Base' album for Harvest Records EMI, in Abbey Rd Studios, 1972.

The Babe Ruth original of the song was first honoured back in the day by
DJs Kool Herc and Grand Master Flash in the Bronx street partys in NYC.

'The Mexican,' and it's rebirth from the old school to the present day Hip-Hop culture has become 'the Anthem' to DJ's. Remixers, B-Boys and breaking crews throughout the planet.

Imitated by such legends as Afrika Bambata on the Platinum seller 'Planet Rock' , Todd Terry's 'Orange Lemon' entitled 'Dreams of Santa Anna' a quote from 'The Mexican' .lyric, and numerous derivatives. ('The Mexican' lyrics - Click Here)

On the eve of the bands 30 year Anniversary, the Babe Ruth legend has been eternally sealed across the new millennium with an enigmatic renaissance. resulting in the honouring of their music by such global icons as:

  • Sugar Ray on their world wide #1 platinum hit "Fly"
  • R.Kelly 'Dance with a Rich man'
  • The Chemical Bros (Live at the Social)
  • Doug E Fresh 'Africa (Goin' Back Home)'
  • Funky 4+1's 'Feel it (the Mexican)
  • Jungle Brothers 'On the Run'
  • Maestro Fresh Wes's ' 'The Mic's My Piece'
  • The Prodigy (The dirt chamber sessions)
  • DJ 'Jellybean Benitez' (featuring 'Janita (Jenny) Haan' on vocals) on his 'Greatest Hits' Album reached #1 in Billboard magazine.


'The Mexican' is featured on: Ultimate Breaks and Beats, VH1's The
Hip-Hop Years, and My Coolest Years 'B-Boys and B-Girls' hosted by
Jermaine Dupri. 'DJ Pogo's' Block Party Breaks, and 'The Mexican'has
become the quintessential DJ break.

In this new era 'the godfather of hip-hop,' "Grandmaster Flash", features 'The Mexican' by 'Babe Ruth'' on his 'Official Adventures of GMF' album.

Thalia& Mark Anthony released 'Mexican 2000' with two versions in Spanish and English, on her US Platinum #1 album for the EMI Latin label.

Check out

'The Mexican'(Millennium) on Babe Ruths latest album - 'Que Pasa'.

'Babe Ruth' featured in 'Can't Stop Won't Stop, author Jeff Chang's
definitive Hip-Hop history out in paperback on Picador Books in the US.

'The Mexican' lyrics - Click Here


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  • San Francisco Chronicle Bestseller
  • Blender Magazine Best Book of 2005
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