The Mexican (Shacklock)

Chico Fernandez sleepin' on his gun
dreams of Santa Anna fightin' in the Sun
Drums so loud from all sides
makes it hard to dream
a'blue is fallin' hard and fast
makes it all seem real

mornin' come mornin'
Chico gotta have his share
mornin' sad morning'
said he must be there
mornin' come mornin'
well I laughed and I cried
and I cry cry cry cry cried

mornin' sad mornin'

Signorita's pinin'
Chico come on home
Santa Ana's losin'
n' you'll be first to go
Sam Houstan's laughin'
and Davey Crockett too
When Ana takes the Alamo
The first to go is you

Mornin' come Mornin'
a chico gotta have his share
Mornin' sad mornin'
Heaven will be there.

mornin' sad mornin'
well I laughed and I laughed

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© Babe Ruth Band 2006